• Foods for Your Teeth

  • You should keep in mind that the food you eat - and just how regularly you eat - are critical when it comes to avoiding dental cavities as well as maintaining superior oral health. As you place food inside your mouth, there is always some change that will take place. If your mouth harbors bacteria, then it can turn the sugars and carbohydrates that you eat into acids that will harm your dental enamel. The dental decay progression begins with this. Each time you put food in your mouth, this routine is triggered.

    Some foods which are good for your teeth are meat and dairy products. These are full of calcium and phosphorus which could help protect the enamel in your tooth. Eating these types of foods will also stimulate dental remineralization. Remineralization will involve a process wherein the minerals are transferred back to your teeth's enamel. This process is extremely important since the dental enamel is either removed or softened from acidic foods.

    Another set of food that is good for your dental health are fruits that are firm and crispy including pears and apples. Another great food option is vegetables. These are known to be packed with water content. These foods can water down the negative impacts of the sugar which these food have. It may also help in protecting your teeth by stimulating saliva flow. The food particles which may get wedged are washed away and, it decreases your risks of getting dental decay. You can even eat some citric foods like tomatoes to help lessen the acid inside your mouth.

    Green tea is also good for your teeth. It has complex compounds referred to as catechins. These catechins could help fight the cause of inflammation and it may also manage infections brought on by bacteria in your mouth. A study done in Japan found that people who regularly drink green tea are less inclined to have periodontal disease. Individuals who drink one cup of green tea, based on a different Japanese study, are likewise less inclined to suffer tooth loss.

    Nuts and seeds are other types of food that are also suitable for your teeth. Almonds and Brazil nuts are a few of the perfect ones. Some of the nutrients that they contain are zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassium. With regards to the health of your teeth and bones, everybody knows that calcium is rather critical. Unhulled sesame seeds are also a calcium rich food. Be sure to use your back teeth to chomp on seeds and nuts.

    There are also some foods that are bad for your dental health. The most obvious food group that is detrimental to your dental health is candy. Your teeth will be exposed to acids and sugars when you suck candies all the time. This is one of the leading causes of dental cavities. All London, Kentucky dentists know that eating foods with too much carbohydrate is also not highly recommended. Foods such as chips, pasta, and bread are going to be processed as sugars once they go through digestion. These sugars can get stuck on your teeth and the acids they produce can harm your teeth. You should take extra good care of your teeth if you love drinking fruit juices and soda. Those kinds of drinks will expose your teeth to sugar and acid which will harm your teeth. Hard foods can also damage your teeth. Chewing them could cause your teeth to crack. Ice and hard pretzels are some good examples.

    It is also not advisable to drink an excessive amount of coffee and red wine. These can induce dental stains. If your teeth are already stained - either naturally or from foods - there is good news: we can help! Modern Dental Solutions offers great teeth whitening options. Give us a call at (606) 864-1441 to learn more about what foods are good for your teeth and how to whiten them to the perfect level!